Duncannon, Pennsylvania

Latitude, Longitude
40.389837 -77.031717

Spent two days in Duncannon, PA out of solidarity with Cookie, another hiker. She was exhausted and needed a break. She also swapped out her hammock for a tent and got new trekking poles. My gear is doing fine so far.


Saw this building while walking around Duncannon.

The Doyle Hotel

Latitude, Longitude
40.390053 -77.030150
Spent the night here last night. Will also spend the night here tonight. Took a rest day. I’ll be going to the grocery store this afternoon.


Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Latitude, Longitude
40.274250 -77.099083
Posing with Shoelace, Cookie, Captain Jack. 

Yesterday Survivor took a bad fall and hurt his wrist.  He’s taking a couple days off.  

When I stopped for the day I had completed 112 miles of hiking over 12 days. Not setting any speed records, but I have no blisters and foot soreness mostly goes away after a night of rest.

Allenberry Resort

Latitude, Longitude
40.150439 -77.113228
Five of us split a $40 room. This is the lobby. Survivor is in the foreground. Captain Jack is barely visible in the rear. 


Fayetteville, Pennsylvania 

I’m going slowly right now. Giving my body time to adjust. I’m feeling good. I’ve done 58 miles in 8 days. I’m near Fayetteville, PA. Population 3,128. I’ve made some hiker friends (Captain Jack, Survivor, Cookie). We’re going to hike to Pine Grove Furnace State Park today (about 8 miles). I’ve met a slew of other hikers going faster than me or going in the opposite direction, a couple going slower than me.

I don’t plan on being this verbose very often. I’m writing this as I sit in a gas station that I walked to about a mile from the trail.

I’ve been nicknamed “Nibbles” because I eat snacks frequently as I walk.