How to set the quality in Blender Cycles

To set the quality of your Cycles preview or render adjust the numbers in the integrator section of the Render properties. (The Render properties icon looks like a camera.) I’ve used a render samples of 8,000 and even then there were tiny portions of the image that had speckles or “fireflies”. And that was after 8 hours of rendering. But I still loved the results.

Edit: I incorrectly stated that the quality settings were in the Camera properties. This has been corrected to read “the Render properties”.

Tried and True Computer Animation Tips

GOAT has done work on Mission: Impossible II , Romeo Must Die and others. They also have a lot of good tips and tricks for Alias PowerAnimator which is the previous incarnation of Maya. Many of the tips and tricks will also work with newer versions of the software. Also a lot the concepts mentioned can be translated to any 3D computer animation package. The best thing about the website is that it is all basic html with no javascript-animated menus crap.

Edit: The links on no longer work and is gone.