iPhone X Alarm too Quiet

To hear the iPhone X alarm at full volume lock the screen and place the phone out of view of your face.

I just got an iPhone X (am I a fool?) and it seems that the alarm volume drops when the phone is unlocked. If you use Face ID and you are looking at the screen then it is most likely unlocked and the alarm volume will be soft.

If the phone is locked when the alarm goes off it will be at full volume until you pick it up and look at it.

10,000 Year Clock

“There is a Clock ringing deep inside a mountain. It is a huge Clock, hundreds of feet tall, designed to tick for 10,000 years. Every once in a while the bells of this buried Clock play a melody. Each time the chimes ring, it’s a melody the Clock has never played before. The Clock’s chimes have been programmed to not repeat themselves for 10,000 years. Most times the Clock rings when a visitor has wound it, but the Clock hoards energy from a different source* and occasionally it will ring itself when no one is around to hear it. It’s anyone’s guess how many beautiful songs will never be heard over the Clock’s 10 millennial lifespan.” -Longnow.com

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*There is a large weight hanging on a rack gear and a solar powered winder.