McDonald’s iPhone App

I ordered using the McDonald's app for the first time today. I chose in-store pickup. I stood near the counter and waited. I saw my number come up on the board. I saw my number move up to the top of the list. A little while later I looked up and my number was gone. I got in line at the register. When I got to the head of the line I asked about my order. The cashier said she had walked around the dining room calling my number. I asked if they could get my order now, please. She said it would be just a few minutes. I said, Okay. A few minutes later they had my order ready. The cashier offered a free dessert for my trouble.

Next time I'll be careful to choose table service. The tables at this location are labeled with a number to make it easier for the server to bring you your food.

Romeoville, Illinois
Latitude, Longitude
41.672112, -88.068115

Not so spoiled milk

I found this on an old blog I had in 2008. I thought I’d post it again here.

I wanted to eat cereal at work so I poured some milk into an empty water bottle and brought it with me. It stayed in the refrigerator until quitting time. I put the bottle into my backpack and drove home. I tossed my backpack onto my bedroom floor and went to bed (I get off work at midnight). In the morning I remembered that I left the milk in my backpack so I thought the milk would be sour. I opened the bottle and took a whiff. It smelled ok. I cautiously took a sip. It tasted fine. I put the bottle in the fridge and will have some cereal later.