If you’re just joining me

Terry Gross, on her program, Fresh Air, routinely says, “If you’re just joining us, my guest is so an so. . .” But whether I’m just joining her or not has no bearing on who her guest is. What she means is: “My guest is so and so and I’m saying that for the benefit of those who have recently tuned in.” All she needs to do is pause and say the name of her guest. There is no need to explain why she is telling us who her guest is. “You’re listening to Fresh Air and my guest is Elijah Wood.”

Similarly, other people say things like, “If you’re hungry there’s food in the fridge.” Do they mean that if I’m not hungry there is no food in the fridge? If there is food in the fridge then is this statement true: “If you are not hungry, there is food in the fridge.”

Usually when people say “if” they mean that what follows is contingent on some condition being met. For example, if you have five dollars, you can buy a hamburger.

See? It’s easy.

[Posted from Waynesboro, Georgia]

Jeff Gordon and Mario Andretti

I got to pull this Jeff Gordon / Mario Andretti Racing School trailer from Atlanta Motor Speedway to Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. To pick up the trailer I had to drive through the tunnel onto the infield. Even though no one was racing in Atlanta they still had the emergency medical helicopter parked nearby.

I didn’t get to go onto the Lowe’s Motor Speedway grounds, but I dropped the trailer at a building nearby.

[Posted while in Loudon, Tennessee]