Vova Galchenko in Time magazine

Jason Garfield is one of the most outspoken jugglers and has started a new trend in juggling, juggling as an athletic pursuit. He is also one of the best jugglers in the world. Vova Galchenko is one of a new generation of jugglers that has bought into Jason’s message and when he performs he sticks to purely difficult moves, complex combinations and high numbers of balls and clubs. There are other jugglers who see themselves as primarily entertainers first and jugglers second. They juggle in a way that may not be as physically demanding as “sport juggling”, but aims to be entertaining. There seems to be a rift growing between the two camps and Time magazine has an interesting article tackling this issue.

The World’s Greatest Living Juggler

Vova Galchenko

Vova Galchenko is, in my opinion, the world’s greatest living juggler based on pure technical skill. Watch his most excellent video. It is nicely photographed and edited and showcases some pretty good juggling. Thanks to Egyokeo at Juggleblog.com for the link.

Update: When I discovered Vova Galchenko, I hadn’t read about many other jugglers. I’ve since discovered another top juggler named Anthony Gatto. He has set world records for juggling 10 rings, 9 balls, and 8 clubs.

Juggling at its Best

Jason Garfield : Check out his videos. He juggles 10 balls, 7 clubs and 10 rings. The Raspyni Brothers , one of the finest juggling duos in the world, have entertaining videos on their site too. The Passing Zone is another fantastic juggling duo. They were the first jugglers to pass 11 clubs. Now 17 and 14 year old Vova and Olga Galchenko juggle 12 clubs with ease. Vova beat Jason Garfield in the 2004 World Juggling Federation Advanced Clubs competition. Jason won the advanced balls competition.