Very Large Open Pit Mine

20 miles from downtown Salt Lake City, Utah is a huge open pit mine. My 2017 Rand McNally Deluxe Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas (laminated pages, extra durable) says that it is “Bingham Canyon Mine – World’s Largest Open Pit Mine”. According to the Deseret News[*] it is the largest man-made excavation in the world.

The Latitude, Longitude of the center of this aerial photo is 40.5234, -112.1525.


Google Maps Places

The stars on this map represent places that I have saved to my Google Maps address book. Most of these places I have visited, others are truck stops that were along routes I drove. A few stars are for places that I just found interesting.


Find the Longitute and Latitude of any place in the USA

At you can type in an address and Eagle™ geocoder will look up the address and give you its lattitude and longitude. This web page allows you to test out this software so free use is limited.

Evidently lattitude and longitude is important in astrology, because also provides a lat/long look-up service. If you are wondering what I think about psychics read this article.

2011 Edit: This was posted before Google Maps was released. Now web based mapping is common and it is much easier to find the latitude and longitude of any point on the globe. See Wikipedia’s Google Maps article.