Cosmological Model

I came across this blog post I wrote in 2010.

It reminded me of how stupid I am.  Cosmology, fine-tuning, the definition of intelligent life are beyond my understanding. But it reminded me of a very simple principle that science teachers teach: there’s no such thing as a perpetual motion machine. If the universe is merely a huge, complex assembly of parts behaving according to the laws of physics, then it will eventually stop spinning, so to speak. It has not been spinning forever and it will not continue to spin forever. 

Now, maybe the scientists are wrong.  Maybe there are perpetual motion machines.  It’s fascinating to pursue this idea, but ultimately we must face the reality of the universe in which we live. 

Moberly, Missouri
Latitude, Longitude
39°27? N 92°25? W

Harrisonville, Missouri 

Latitude, Longitude
38.624008, -94.352692

It’s been rainy and cloudy the last couple days. This was taken on Monday. I’ve been working out of a Walmart Distribution Center in Harrisonville, Missouri.  I’m trying to get to Columbus, Ohio by May 6th to attend my nieces wedding. 

Underground Storage

Latitude Longitude
39.10185 -94.3728

This latitude and longitude gives you the location of the entrance to the underground storage facility I visited today. Beacause GPS doesn’t work underground I can’t give you the exact coordinates where my photograph was taken.  My estimate is that I drove less than a mile from the entrance to the location where I made a delivery and snapped the photo. Learn more about this place here:

Independence, Missouri