Order from disorder

Some people believe that order could not exist if there were no God, that without a God all would be chaos. Intelligent Design (ID) proponents use DNA as an example of order that could not exist apart from an intelligent designer.

Rocks do not seem to be intelligently designed, so where do they come from? What does ID theory say about non-living things?

Amazing chicken head stabilization

In this Youtube video a guy holds a chicken up to the camera. As he moves the chicken her head remains perfectly still. I’m sure people have known about this for thousands of years, but it is so cool to see this demonstration.

A rock for a pillow

I’m a truck driver and I sleep in the bunk in the back of my truck, often with other trucks rumbling by. When I’m at home I sleep like a baby without all that noise and vibration. For the last several years I have been sleeping on a futon mattress placed directly on the floor. After going camping several times I discovered that I sleep well on a thin pad. For the last 13 months I’ve been sleeping on a 1/2 inch foam mat on the floor. You’d be surprised what you can get accustomed to.

Dead or alive?

What does it mean to be alive? Why do we say that rocks are not alive? Because they don’t move? Many types of plants don’t appear to move but we say they are alive. A seed can produce a living thing but is it alive? Robots move and make noise, but are they alive? Most biologists say something must be capable of reproduction to be alive. So far, no machine ever built was capable of reproducing itself. Fire jumps and dances and spreads. Is it alive?

When is an animal dead? When it stops breathing? When it’s heart stops beating? We are capable of keeping people “alive” on respirators. Are they dead when their brain stops producing brain waves. Has any revelation from any god addressed this issue? Even after brain activity stops activity continues for a period of time in some cells of the body. Certainly no one would disagree that a person is dead when it has decayed.

Is it immoral to declare someone “dead” prematurely? Is it immoral to keep someone on life-support machines long after they have “died”? Is there a clear right and wrong here?

Problems with Evolution

The scientific method depends on hypotheses that are falsifiable, testable, and repeatable. The problem with the theory of evolution is that it is very difficult to breed a new species in the span of only a couple hundred years. Intelligent Design (I.D.) proponents say it is impossible even if you had a billion years. How they know this I don’t know. I.D. proponents say new species were created by a Designer. This does even less to explain where different species came from.

Alright, Bobmo and Perry and anyone else, go at it.


Cryptobiosis is a state that some living things enter when either frozen, dehydrated or deprived of oxygen. Metabolism and reproduction stop until the organism finds itself in an environment conducive to growth. Dried seeds are one example. Are they alive or dead? When they are exposed to water, nutrients and sunshine they resume growth. Lichen is another example. They sometimes go into a cryptobiotic state and survive in extremely cold or dry places. What’s unusual about lichen is that it is actually two organisms (a fungus and an algae) living in a mutually beneficial relationship.