Christiana, Pennsylvania

Latitude, Longitude
39.981045 -76.016808
The driver of this buggy had gone inside the convenience store. Everybody needs a Slurpee once in a while.

The borough of Christiana is in Lancaster County. I saw at least a dozen buggies while I was walking down Pennsylvania Route 41 between 3 and 3:30 pm today (Sunday). When a buggy came toward me along the paved shoulder of the road, I stepped out of the way and onto the grass. Many of the occupants of the buggies smiled and waved at me as I smiled back. One girl who looked to be in her late teens or early twenties was focusing all her attention on her horse who stretched his neck toward the shoulder of the road while his legs continued forward.

All of the women and girls wore plain light blue or light green dresses and wore simple white bonnets that didn't quite cover their hair which was pulled into a bun. All the men and boys wore black overalls over their light blue shirts.

I was wearing a plain green t-shirt and navy blue cotton pants.

White Blaze

When you see a white blaze like this you know you’re on the Appalachian Trail.  I believe this was taken in Duncannon, PA. 


Lehighton, Pennsylvania

Latitude, Longitude
40.832978 -75.708595
I’ve been staying in Lehighton, PA to rest my feet. I’ve walked about 230 miles since April 21st.


Lehigh River

Latitude, Longitude
40.788578 -75.607912

Took this photo this morning. I’m on a side trail near where the Appalachian Trail crosses the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania.