Podcasts 2017

I’ve come across some podcasts which I think are different from the mainstream, intelligent but not incomprehensible. Even if I disagree with the message the ideas presented in these podcasts are often thoughtful and interesting, sometimes shocking or dumb but funny. 

•Love + Radio (pronounced luvandradee-o)
•Penn’s Sunday School
•Reasonable Faith Podcast
•Revisionist History
•Mogul: The Life and Death of Chris Lighty
•Waking Up with Sam Harris
•Levar Burton Reads
•Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal Podcast
•Planet Money
•Hello Internet

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Sounds of the Trail Podcast


This podcast will cause great discontentment with your day job. You will daydream about putting all your possessions in storage, loading up your backpack and going for a long walk.

At least two of the contributors hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2014 and the stories and interviews come from hikers on the PCT and Appalachian Trail while their hikes are in progress.

You can hear the excitement and pain in their voices. This is as close as you can get to the trail without getting out of your armchair.

Podcasts I listen to

Tech News Today
Daily Tech News Show
On the Media
Penn’s Sunday School
Radiolab from WNYC
Current Geek
Sideshow (http://www.studio360.org/series/ sideshow/)
Gilbert Gottfried’s Amazing Colossal PodcastAudio Smut
New Tech City
PRI: Echoes Interviews
Love + Radio (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
Fugitive Waves (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
99% Invisible (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
The Truth (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
Theory of Everything (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
Radio Diaries (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
Strangers (http://www.radiotopia.fm)
the memory palace
NPR: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn
(Jesse Thorn is annoying sometimes but he generally has interesting guests)
NPR: Planet Money
The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show
Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips
NPR: News
Reasonable Faith
Fishko Files from WNYN
The Trucking Podcast
Destination DIY
Slate’s the Gist
Freakonomics Radio
this WEEK in TECH
Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Re:sound
Open Source with Christopher Lydon
this WEEK in TECH
Third Coast International Audio Festival’s Re:sound
Open Source with Christopher Lydon
NPR: Pop Culture Happy Hour
Studio 360 from PRI and WNYC
The Moth Podcast
Slate’s Spoiler Specials
NPR: Ask Me Another
Slate’s Culture Gabfest
Never Not Funny
Everything Sounds
Here Be Monsters
StarStuff with Stuart Gary
Slate Presents Lexicon Valley
The Dork Forest
The Joe Rogan Experience
Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase
NPR: Hearing Voices
This American Life

and, believe it or not, more…