Proof that God Exists

proofThe first thing you see when you visit is a page with four buttons.

“Absolute Tuth Exists”
“Absolute Truth Does not Exist”
“I Don’t Know if Absolute Truth Exists”
“I Don’t Care if Absolute Truth Exists”

The first button takes you to a page with two buttons.

“Laws of Logic Exist”
“Laws of Logic Do Not Exist”

If you continue to click on the first button on each page then you will read that the laws of logic, math, science and absolute morality are immaterial, universal and unchanging and could only exist in a universe governed by God.

This sounds like a syllogism:

(1) Absolutes exist.
(2) Absolutes can only exist in a universe governed by God.
(3) Therefore, God exists.

In order for the conclusion (3) to be true, both (1) and (2) must be true. I don’t know if the first is true, but it seems to me that it is possible that it is true. [I have discussed elsewhere the idea of absolute morality.] Premise (2) on the other hand is more difficult to believe. Maybe it is just part of the nature of matter to behave in a way that gives us what we call the laws of science. When I have discussed my doubts with Christians they tell me to ask God to show himself to me. They say that if I immerse myself in the Bible I will begin to see the truth of God’s existence. If prayer is necessary to believe in God, then what is the point of using deductive logic?

Eat processed food

In Defense of Food, by Michael Pollan, argues that the food industry and nutritional science has made Westerners less healthy. His website says, “Thirty years of official nutritional advice has only made us sicker and fatter while ruining countless numbers of meals.” Yet people in Western nations live longer* than anywhere else in the world. Or is he saying that we are sicker now than when more of us lived and worked on farms. How is it that we are sicker, but live longer?


NASA, the Bible and the Missing Day

EarthriseMaybe you’ve heard this story.

In the tenth chapter of the Old Testament book of Joshua, it is recorded that the Sun “stood still.” One day while NASA scientists were using their computers to calculate orbits for the Earth, Sun, and other planets, they discovered that there was a “lost day.” After prodding by one of their colleagues who had attended Bible school as a child, the scientists reprogrammed their computers to include appropriate biblical facts and ultimately found their “lost day,” thus proving the biblical record to be accurate.

Now here’s a quote from, “[T]he story which claims that scientists have discovered the ‘long day of Joshua’ is untrue.”

My point is not to dispute the story of the Sun standing still. My point is to demonstrate how Christians with good intentions can spread false stories. Even now that we have computers and digital video, people who hear stories like these pass them on without checking to see if they are true. Before Gutenberg scribes took great pains to make faithful copies of scripture, but the above story shows that faithful copying is not enough to prevent false stories from spreading. The Answers In Genesis article says that the story probably has it’s origins in The Harmony of Science and Scripture by Harry Rimmer. Instead of NASA, Rimmer cites two astronomers. Did Mr. Rimmer know that the story he told was untrue or was he led astray by the astronomers? Did someone at some point deliberately lie about this story? What about other historical events? How much of what we believe is false or inaccurate? We put our trust in the hands of ancient historians and also in the hands of modern journalists and authors. How much of what they tell us can we believe?

Smooth Blue Globe


On average the Earth is about 7,917 miles in diameter. Mount Everest is about 29,029 feet tall (about 5.5 miles). If you shrank the earth down, maintaining all it’s proportions, so that it was 7.917 inches across, then Mount Everest would be a bump 0.0055 inches high. By comparison, a piece of 20 pound paper is about .0038 inches thick. The deepest part of the ocean would be 0.0067 inches deep. That would be a very smooth ball. If it was even smoother still it shouldn’t take too much water to cover the entire surface, right? About 70 percent of the surface is already under water.

Order from disorder

Some people believe that order could not exist if there were no God, that without a God all would be chaos. Intelligent Design (ID) proponents use DNA as an example of order that could not exist apart from an intelligent designer.

Rocks do not seem to be intelligently designed, so where do they come from? What does ID theory say about non-living things?


Tardigrades (meaning “slow walker”) are polyextremophiles meaning they can survive under extreme environmental conditions. According to Wikipedia they “can survive tempuratures close to absolute zero, temperatures as high as 151° C (303° F), 1,000 times more radiation than any other animal, nearly a decade without water, and even the vacuum of space.” They have been found living in hot springs, the Himalayas, under layers of solid ice, and in ocean sediment. The largest tardigrades can be as long as 1.5 mm.