Forsyth County Property Maps

If you want to find out who owns a piece of land or you want to know approximately where the property lines are for a piece of land in Forsyth County in North Carolina check out the Forsyth County Geo-Data Explorer. It’s fast, easy to use and it gives you lot dimensions, lot numbers, voting districts, school districts, fire districts and more.

How to transfer songs from your iPod

You can copy files from you iPod to your computer without any special software. The files are stored in hidden folders beginning with the letter F followed by a two digit number. On my computer running Mac OS X they are located here:




Just navigate to the folder containing a song you want to transfer back to your computer and then drag that song to your hard drive.

I will be writing a longer article about how to move all your songs at once and how to find a file even when it has a cryptic four letter file name like XTYW.mp3.

Become a Mac Power user

I hate using words like “power user” but they are concise. If you want to learn how to turn your Mac into a web server or create PHP scripts that access MySQL databases on your Mac then take a peek at MacDevCenter. There are tons of great articles and how-to’s. I discovered that my Mac already comes with PHP and Apache and MySQL is easy to install. These are three major programs that make the internet work and are used to create dynamic websites the world over. Best of all much of the software running on web servers is often free (as in parking) and free as in liberty.

Intel Macs: The downside

Intel Core Duo


Nearly all existing third-party software for the Mac, including major programs like Microsoft Office, will have to be rewritten to run on the Intel processor — a process that is under way but will take months to complete. Apple had to build into the new model special, invisible, translator software that allows the older programs to run on the new chip in the meantime. This translator software, however, doesn’t work with every program and can slow down the ones it does work with.