Williams, Arizona

Latitude Longitude
35.252572 -112.189125

I saw this train marked “Grand Canyon” while walking down the street in Williams, Arizona. I checked a map and discovered that I was 60 miles south of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. In 2005 my sister and I visited the North Rim. If you were to drive to the North Rim Campground from the town of Williams you would have to drive 243 miles. If you took a helicopter from Williams to the North Rim Campground the trip would be less than 70 miles. Crossing the the Grand Canyon is inconvenient. To get to the other side of the Grand Canyon by car your only opportunities are where US Highway 89A crosses the Colorado River near Lee’s Ferry in Arizona or 250 miles to the west where US Highway 93 crosses the Colorado River just over the border in Nevada*.

I grew up in North Carolina where you would never have to drive this far to cross a river. Anywhere east of the Mississippi I’d be surprised if you had to drive more than 50 miles out of your way to find a river crossing.  Driving 250 miles in the Eastern U.S. will take you through countless towns and over many bridges large and small, but out West you can drive for hundreds of miles and see little more than saguaro and prickly pear.

*Where the mighty Hoover Dam is located.

Florida, New York

Latitude, Longitude
42.8972679, -74.0994733
  I’ve been delivering loads to the Target store in Watertown, Massachusetts. I pick them up in Amsterdam, New York and drive about 190 miles along I-90 to exit 17 near Boston. I unhook from my loaded trailer and hook to the empty trailer that is there and drive back about 190 miles. I’ve been stopping for the night at the Pattersonville Travel Plaza.  It’s near the town of Pattersonville but the internet tells me I’m in Florida, New York. I’ll be going home to visit my mom and sisters for Thanksgiving, then it’s back out on the road.