Latitude, Longitude

Occasionally I like to add my current Latitude and Longitude to a blog post. The maps apps on my iPhone will display my Latitude and Longitude but they won’t allow me to copy and paste the coordinates without having to perform multiple convoluted steps. Today I stumbled on an easy way to do this with a truck stop app that I keep on my phone: TruckSmart™.

From the ‘Services’ tab tap on ‘Share Location’. An email form will open and you’ll see your Latitude and Longitude near the bottom. You’re free to copy and paste.

Osprey Packs

My old Osprey Atmos 25 on the right and my new Osprey Skarab 32 on the left. I rarely use these for outdoor activities. I use them to pack an overnight bag when I’m staying in a hotel or to carry my laptop when my truck is in the shop.

[Update: I forgot to mention that the Osprey Skarab 32 cost about $120 at REI in Greenville, SC. I purchased the old Atmos 25 from years ago. I don’t remember how much I paid for it. By the way, the Atmos had an aluminum internal frame which kept the back of the pack away from my back except at my shoulders and hips. This was great for allowing air to flow through and keep my back cool but it made the pack very rigid and decreased the volume greatly. I removed the frame and the pack became a big floppy bag. It didn’t hang off my shoulders quite right after that but it worked well enough for my purposes. -Dedwarmo, Sioux City, Iowa, November 13, 2017, Latitude, Longitude 42.4364,-96.3709.]


Greenville, South Carolina

Latitude, Longitude

34.850208, -82.359978

Around the world by human power alone

The extraordinary story of Jason Lewis’ circumnavigation of the earth by human power alone is now available in a version for “young adults”.

Read more on his blog.

The adventure spans three books: Dark Waters, The Seed Buried Deep and To the Brink. I read each one as they became available for e-book and I couldn’t believe it was over when I finished the last page. 

Clear Lake, Iowa

Latitude, Longitude
43.148000, -93.349762

This was just down the street from the truck stop where I parked for the night.