Pave the world

I’ve uploaded a bunch of photographs that I have taken as I drive around the country. If I took the time I could supply better descriptions and even give the actual state in which the photo was taken.

Interesting Places

Just a list of places that I would like to visit for their visual beauty.

The Moon
Sequoia National Forest
The natural arches in Utah
The Grand Canyon – visited in 2005
A pure sand desert
the grasslands of Africa
The Himalayas
The Andes
The Aleutians
The Galapagos
Australian outback
The great barrier reef
Swiss Alps
Scandinavian fjords
Suez canal
Sahara Desert
Kalajari Desert
tar pits
New Guinea
New Zealand
Great Wall of China
Mojave Desert
Amazon River
Congo River
Nile River
Sail out of sight of land in a sailboat
Jungles of Brazil, Africa
Yellowstone National Park
I list these two mainly because they are they are very far south.
Cape of Good Hope
Strait of Magellan
Panama Canal