Those that can’t juggle teach

Center City Park Greensboro
Center City Park is a relatively new park in downtown Greensboro and I decided to check it out. I ate a hot dog and did some juggling. After a while a boy and his mom walked by and struck up a conversation. It turns out the mother does a nice 3-ball cascade. Her son enjoyed passing props back and forth with me until several more people came by. I gave my 1-minute how-to-juggle lesson and loaned out the eight balls and 3 rings I had with me while I juggled 3 clubs. Not much later a news van from WGHP, the local Fox affiliate, pulled up and shot some footage from a distance. The reporter said a video would be on the website later in the evening. If there is a video there it is buried too deep for me to find it.

A couple of the new jugglers said they would come back next Saturday or the Saturday after that. Maybe we have the beginnings of a Greensboro Juggling Club. Someone also mentioned that there is guy who juggles on street corners and performs with a diabolo. I’ll bet he could teach me some things.

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