Underground Press

From Zine World:

Walk into virtually any corporate-owned bookstore in America, and you won’t find anything on any shelf that wasn’t designed, mass-produced, ordered, delivered, and stocked primarily for the purpose of making a profit.

At its best, the underground press is the opposite of that. It’s not about how much money can be squeezed out of publishing. It’s about how much of the writer/artist’s soul he or she can squeeze onto the page.

We’re passionate about the underground press. We give a damn, and we believe our readers do too. Zine World is written, edited, published, and mailed out by an all-volunteer staff who believe free speech is for everyone, not just for giant corporations. Nobody here gets paid; we do it because we love it.

CheesyLibrarian introduced me to the fascinating world of underground publishing. She writes reviews for Zine World.