Which iPod should I buy?

If you are considering buying an iPod you should consider how much storage space you need.

512 MB…$99……120 songs
1 GB…..$149…..240 songs
4 GB…..$199…1,000 songs
6 GB…..$249…1,500 songs
20 GB….$299…5,000 songs
30 GB….$349…7,500 songs
60 GB….$449..15,000 songs

I initially bought my iPod because I was running out of hard drive space and I wanted extra storage. I bought the 40 Gigabyte* iPod because it had the greatest capacity of all the iPod’s at the time of purchase. I have since purchased a new 15″ PowerBook with a 60 GB hard drive, so storage is not an issue anymore.

The longer I own my iPod the more I use it. Even so, I still only have 250 songs stored on it. That leaves me with about 35 GB of available space. I don’t think I’ll ever fill all that space with music.

I should say that I would like to have more songs on my iPod, but I’d rather spend my time doing other things than searching for and downloading music that suits my taste.

Conclusion: If I had it to do over again, I would have purchased the iPod Mini (4 GB). I would have saved a couple hundred dollars and still have PLENTY of room for all the songs I could want.

*Apple no longer makes a 40 GB iPod.

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  1. I have about 500 songs on my iPod. I use the rest of the space for backup for my iMac. I have the original 5 Gb iPod.

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