Why I don’t believe the Bible

I used to concern myself with the destruction of Christian logic. I don’t know why it mattered to me that Christians believed what they did, because if I was an agnostic then I certainly wasn’t concerned about the eternal fate of anyone’s soul. It must have been that I was actually worried that I might be wrong and headed to Hell. But really I am not very concerned about the after life, if there is one. I have come to believe that it is a very complex, and not entirely logical, process that causes us to form certain beliefs. There is an interplay between drawing conclusions and then looking for ways to support our conclusions. I have decided that it doesn’t really matter whether the Bible is true or not, I am not willing to submit myself to it or God. Certainly if I could find a way to believe the Bible to be true and continue to live as I wish then I would do so. But just saying there isn’t enough evidence for me to believe the Bible isn’t being entirely honest. I don’t want to believe the Bible. That’s why I don’t believe the Bible. There is no less evidence in support of the Bible now than there was when I was a die-hard Christian. The only thing that has changed is me.