Why I like driving a truck

I get paid by the mile and I don’t push myself very hard so I am probably on the low end when it comes to truck driver earnings. I get paid 36 cents a mile and at 50 mph that comes out to be $18 an hour. On a good day I’ll drive 500 miles, but on a bad day I might only drive 100 miles. My paychecks fluctuate. What I really like is that I don’t have a boss looking me over the shoulder. I plan my route; I start when I want, stop when I want. My responsibilities are simple: get the load delivered on time, safely and legally. I don’t socialize much with other truck drivers, mostly because I’m kind of a loner and partly because they are a bunch of fat, scruffy, dirty, uneducated white guys.

2 Replies to “Why I like driving a truck”

  1. Do you ever get a chance to juggle while traveling in your truck? How long do you think a career in trucking could last? My brother tried it and now he’s got lots of back problems. But a job on the open road where you make your own hours and have no boss…sounds pretty cool

  2. I keep my juggling balls in the truck with me but I don’t juggle much. I’d like to find a local truck driving job so I can be home every night. Its a very sedentary job so you have to think of creative ways to get exercise. I’ve met people who’ve been driving trucks for 20 years. I don’t see any reason why a person who lives a healthy lifestyle couldn’t drive until retirement. I see lots of gray-haired drivers out there.

    I did go to a juggling club meeting the last time I was in town. I saw some nice club passing and take-outs, good 3 ball stuff and a short run of 5 balls. I spent more time spectating than participating.

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