Wildfire 650cc

Triad Auto World has this 3-wheeled vehicle for sale on it’s lot. It’s the Wildfire 650c.

This tiny vehicle has four seats and, according to WildfireMotors.com, it gets up to 60 mpg. The EPA certificate on the site says it is classified as a motorcycle, and has a 4-stroke, 2-cylinder, 644 cc engine. Cruising speed is 45 mph. I haven’t found out if it has a heater or air conditioner. While you are waiting for your smart fortwo™ or Toyota Prius to arrive, check out the Wildfire on Battleground Ave next to Higgins Cycles in Greensboro.

See also the Youtube video by WHEC in Rochester, New York.

6 Replies to “Wildfire 650cc”

  1. It’s my dream vehicle! A motorcycle with a roof! Made in China. No airbags. No lap belt. 17 seconds from zero to 40 mph. Read the Car & Driver review: fave quote: “Our test vehicle’s stereo was preloaded with a cassette of Asian music, possibly left there inadvertently by Wildfire’s director of quality control, whose philosophy on fit and finish might well be, “How about we just finish?””

  2. Where can we buy one????
    We live in Il. and are very interested in getting one – any dealers around the Moline area?

  3. Does any1 know wher i can get a rebuild kit for distributor……im not geting any electricity past this point…….any suggestions …thnx

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